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Wearing a sweatshirt to keep warm on a cold beach morning
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hiding out under the pier at the beach
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Pretty woman in the car and ready to drive.
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Bikini in the pool
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She wore an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka-dot bikini. Ok, it's not yellow. Still a fun old song.
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Sitting alone on a log somewhere in the woods of England on a lovely day in Spring, thinking about the magic of the forest.
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Hard work equals hard body. Happy to show it off.
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Wading out into the water
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All dressed up and ready to cosplay
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Rocking the tight jeans and unbuttoned shirt
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Outside by the pool, enjoying the warm air.
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She's either sweating from a recent workout or thinking about playing Roblox. I'm not sure.
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Sitting for a portrait against a dark background.
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